Missing: £41 million

Shocking new figures show that Labour Lambeth failed to collect over £41million of the council tax it was owed in 2011-12, with this shortfall adding over £300 to the average householders’ bill as a result.


Instead of going after tax cheats, local Labour councillors instead prefer to make up the difference by levying some of the highest charges in London on law abiding, hard working households, and turn a blind eye to those who don’t pay. “It’s another example of Labour’s ‘something for nothing’ culture, penalising those who work hard and play by the rules, whilst letting cheats off the hook”, said James Bellis, Vauxhall Conservative Association Chairman.


In fact, Labour Lambeth actually goes out of its way to make it harder for those who want to do the right thing to pay their council tax, refusing to allow residents to spread their tax payments out over the whole year, not just ten months.


“It beggars belief that our local Labour councillors can be this incompetent”, added James. “Rather than spending all their time with their friends in the Town Hall, dreaming up new ways to fund their political propaganda with our money, they should do what we pay them for: sticking up for hard working residents of Vauxhall and Lambeth.”