Labour Attack on Community Groups Let's Co-Op Cat Out of the Bag

An incompetent Labour Council Cabinet Member has emailed local community groups a copy of party plans to...encourage Labour members to infiltrate local community groups.

The memo sent using official resources by top Labour Lambeth politico, Cllr Sally Prentice, tries yet again to explain what the cooperative council means to their own members. It then goes on urge them to infiltrate and try to control local community groups, bemoaning the fact that “In the past many of the Friends groups have been run by people who are our political opponents!”

Goodness. How awful. Some members of our community are not fully obedient to Labour Lambeth’s political agenda.

Not to worry. Labour Lambeth have a plan to stamp out any independent, local identity. They are running a training course this weekend on how to infiltrate these pesky little community groups. It will feature presentations and tips from “Labour Party members and Labour councillors who are already involved in running Friends Groups”.

The event is this Saturday (at 10am, if you fancy some partisan indoctrination) and will be held on taxpayer-funded Civic property – the Town Hall, no less. The e-mail was sent using a council email system and asks people interested in attending to reply to a different council e-mail account.

Don’t worry if you’re not a fully paid up member of the Labour Lambeth hive-mind, the email states: “Friends and neighbours who are not Labour Party members are welcome to come along but they should be broadly sympathetic”. But please, don't bring any free-thinking or independent thought along - that's not what Labour Lambeth are about!

Lambeth Conservative Group Leader, Cllr John Whelan said:

"This goes to show that, for all the fluffy cooperative window dressing, Lambeth's Labour group are just a nasty little clique determined to control every last community group."

“It takes a special kind of incompetence to email groups that you are planning to infiltrate about a seminar you’re giving on how best to infiltrate them”