Enough is Enough

That is what more and more local people are saying about the number of new bars and clubs opening in Clapham.

Despite overwhelming evidence that Clapham is saturated with bars, Labour Lambeth are still dragging their heals over implementing a saturation zone in Clapham to stop even more of them opening. Clapham Campaigner Richard Moore says:  “There is a real risk that further licence applications will be granted before the zone is enacted. Lambeth should stop messing about and get on with bringing in the zone now.”

Further misery has been heaped on residents in Venn Street where the newly implemented pedestrian area is taken over at night by scores of people drinking until the small hours in the street.

Even worse is the situation in the North St/Wandsworth Rd area where residents have complained for years about anti-social behaviour and drunkenness yet Lambeth have done nothing to combat the problem.

“New powers brought in by the Government now mean that a Councillor can ask for a review of a premises licence. We will be working with residents to seek relief from that legislation where appropriate in Clapham,” says Conservative Cllr John Whelan