Lord Howe addresses Vauxhall Conservatives

Lord Howe of Aberavon, former Chancellor of the Exchequer, Foreign Secretary and Deputy Prime Minister addressed a gathering of Vauxhall Conservative Association members tonight. 

Labour ignores warning on licensed premises

Labour councillors have refused even to consider extending the new Clapham High Street Special Licensing Policy Zone, which bans any new bars, to other nearby streets where anti social behaviour is rife.

Conservative councils cost you less

With the new year we have a new council tax being set and Lambeth residents, particularly those on the western border with Wandsworth, are reminded yet again how much more expensive it is to live under Labour.  

Lambeth's children let down by Labour again

Labour-led Lambeth council has turned down the opportunity for central government funding for a new school in Kennington, denying choice and opportunity in education to many of our children, and forcing children to travel further to access new school places. 

Enough is Enough

That is what more and more local people are saying about the number of new bars and clubs opening in Clapham. And, despite overwhelming evidence that Clapham is saturated with bars, Labour Lambeth are still dragging their heals over implementing a saturation zone in Clapham to stop even more of them opening.