Therea May restoring the dream of home ownership

Yesterday the Prime Minister outlined how we are rewriting planning rules to build the homes people need and restore the dream of home ownership, so that the next generation can get on the housing ladder.


  • Without tackling the housing crisis we are unable to bring about the kind of society we want to see; one where it is not just about having a roof over your head but having a stake in your community and its future.
  • We want to see planning permissions going to people who are actually going to build houses, not just sit on land and watch its value rise. We expect developers to do their duty to Britain and build the homes our country needs.
  • We have made it a priority to build the homes people need, so everyone can afford a safe and decent place to live.      
  • The answer to solving the housing crisis does not lie in tearing up the Green Belt. Local Authorities will only be able to amend Green Belt boundaries if they can prove they have fully explored every other reasonable option for building the homes their communities need.
  • The Conservatives are the only party committed to building more homes to help everyone to get on to the housing ladder