Local Conservatives call for guarantees on the funding for Clapham Common


At a meeting of local Clapham residents and council officers to discuss Lambeth’s ‘Co-operative Parks’ programme and its application to Clapham Common, local Conservatives put forward their action plan for the future management of the common. In particular, and citing recent budget cuts which have affected the management of the common, local Conservatives called on Lambeth Council to provide greater certainty on future funding levels for the common, as without this any long term planning for investment in the common will be impossible. In addition, the local Conservative action plan calls for a review of how cleaning and litter patrols are provided for the common and surrounding streets, to ensure that a single, coordinated service provides the best value for money for council tax payers, and for more of the proceeds from large public events held on the common to be used to support the common’s future.


For more information about our submission to Lambeth council, please get in touch via email to info@vauxhallconservatives.com