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Mary Gentry - a message from Cllr Bernard Gentry

As many members will know, Mary Gentry, a long standing member of the association and mother of Cllr Bernard Gentry, sadly passed away in March. Her funeral was held on 15th April and was well attended by association members and local politicians from across the political spectrum. Cllr Gentry would like to pass on his thanks to those members who attended the funeral and others who have expressed their condolances to him at this difficult time. 

Our priorities for Vauxhall

Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Vauxhall, James Bellis, has unveiled his priorities for Vauxhall, if he was to be elected your MP in May's General Election.  

Local Conservatives raise transport issues with Secretary of State

James Bellis, the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Vauxhall and Cllr Bernard Gentry, a local Conservative Councillor, have met with the Secretary of State for Transport, Patrick McLoughlin MP, to discuss a number of transport matters of concern to local residents.

Conservative Group propose Council Tax Cut

The Conservative Group have published their alternative budget for the 2015/16 fiancial year, and shown that with a little bit of common sense and political will, massive savings can be found that Labour simply refuse to look for, because they find it easier to blame the government.

Local Parents let down as Labour councillors fail to show

Local Conservatives, including Parliamentary Candidate James Bellis, today reiterated long-standing support for the parents, teachers and governors of Archbishop Sumner Primary School in Kennington, to expand to two-form entry.

We will remember them

Local Conservatives from Vauxhall and across Lambeth joined veterans, local residents and dignitaries,  and members of other political parties in paying their respects to injured and fallen service men and women at a series of Remembrance Sunday events across Vauxhall.